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We are in this together!

Do you have a passion to boost mental health for men in Wales and work to prevent further suicides?

If the answer is yes, lets talk!

There is great work happening around Wales we want to make a noise about it!

Share your positive initiatives with us, and we’ll promote your good work. Join us in spreading our stories and content on social media to make a collective impact on men’s mental wellbeing in Wales. Together, we can create a stronger support network and inspire positive change.


Your stories matter. We want to hear them.

Sharing your stories via helpu. can help others by providing hope, inspiration, and a sense of connection, showing others that they are not alone in their struggles and that there is a path to healing and resilience.


Your View Matters

Have an idea of what we can better? Or maybe a subject area you would like to see tackled? Maybe you have another idea of what we could be offering? Please give us a shout!


Practical support

We welcome assistance in content creation and organizing our services. Whether it’s skills, products, or services, we are open to any support that helps us fulfill our mission. Additionally, we are actively seeking a print partner to collaborate on creating promotional materials. Your contributions will play a vital role in advancing men’s mental health in Wales.


Therapeutic Support

As part of our efforts to support men’s mental health, we are working on establishing an accessible counselling service with a solution-focused approach. We value any input or insights you may have to make this service more effective and inclusive. Your contributions can make a significant difference in providing valuable support to those in need.


Creating Partnerships

Seeking amazing partnerships with businesses and organisations that share our mission and vision, together promoting men’s mental health and making a lasting impact on the community. Let’s create positive change together!


Creative Ideas

At helpu., we embrace creativity and innovation. If you have a fantastic idea to reach more people or an awesome project that aligns with our mission, we want to hear from you! Whether you are a musician, artist, or influencer, your unique talents can make a difference in promoting men’s mental health. We think outside the box.


Financial Support

We are open to financial support and regular giving that can help boost men’s mental health in Wales and prevent suicide.