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Distract Yourself, Get Creative!

Kai shares his journey of moving to a new place and discovering the power of creative outlets to ease his mind.

Arriving in this unfamiliar environment two years ago, he found kindness and ample opportunities. Recently, he ventured into the realm of music by starting a band. For Kai, engaging in creative activities occupies his mind, allowing him to momentarily set aside life’s challenges.

Drums Rock!

Playing the drums for his band has become a significant source of distraction and satisfaction. While not as complex as composing melodies, Kai recognizes the crucial role drums play in guiding the rhythm and energy of their music. This involvement absorbs his thoughts, providing a temporary respite from any negativity. Kai’s creative pursuits offer a way to escape and refocus his energy, turning his attention away from life’s hurdles.

Filmmaking is Fun!

Furthermore, Kai delved into filmmaking around two months ago, producing a documentary video. This endeavor requires thorough planning and consideration, ensuring that his projects convey the desired message effectively. He appreciates the time spent brainstorming and executing his ideas. Immersed in this process, he’s found a valuable outlet to channel his thoughts and emotions constructively.

Creativity Matters

Kai’s experiences highlight the therapeutic potential of engaging in creative activities. Whether it’s music or filmmaking, these pursuits not only distract the mind but also provide a platform for self-expression. In the midst of life’s challenges, Kai has discovered the power of creativity to grant him moments of solace and purpose.

Photo by Taylor Skaff on Unsplash