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Suicidal Thoughts? Let's Talk!" Talking about Dark Thoughts.

Breaking down the walls of silence surrounding suicidal thoughts is long overdue. We’ve all been guilty of hushing up discussions about these daunting feelings, especially amongst mates. However, it’s high time we recognised that we’re all navigating the maze of emotions together, regardless of our job titles or alter egos. Men, just like anyone else, are entangled in feelings, and it’s time to acknowledge and address them openly.

Navigating the Marathon from Thoughts to Conversation

Picture this: you’re standing on the starting line of a marathon you’re keen on running, but there’s an invisible barrier standing between you and the track. That’s the exact feeling of going from “I’m having these thoughts” to “I need someone to listen.” It’s as if you’re attempting to run that long-envisioned marathon that you’ve  never quite started. Let’s challenge that obstacle! Influential figures are stepping forward, affirming that it’s alright to not be alright, and it’s starting to make an impact. More and more individuals are coming forward, openly sharing their struggles, and that’s the kind of atmosphere we should be fostering. By vocalising these persistent thoughts, we’re shaking up the norm and making space for a more empathetic world.

Seeking Support: Embracing Various Avenues

When these thoughts come knocking, remember: help comes in various forms. Friends can be excellent allies, but professionals are there for a reason too. And guess what? There’s no “correct” way to seek help. In today’s tech-savvy world, you can unburden yourself through texts, messages, or wherever you feel comfortable. It’s like having a heart-to-heart with a buddy, but this buddy is trained to be the ultimate listener.

The bottom line: don't tackle this journey alone.

Our focus is on embracing dialogue, urging one another to reach out, and dismantling barriers that have hindered us for far too long.

Photo by Nith IN on Unsplash